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Mid-Cities Martial Arts Studio

1121 Flower Mound Road
Suite 560
Flower Mound TX 75208





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Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

1. Confidence – Our parents tell us our program gives their children an unshakable confidence that improves all areas of their lives.

Their grades and behavior improve. Best of all, they gain the confidence to say “NO” to peer pressure.

2. Self-Discipline – One of the things that parents appreciate about our classes is the improvement that they see in their child's discipline and self-control.

We have excellent experienced instructors who are great with children.

We have fun with the kids but we also set clear limits and boundaries. We also make a point with the kids that they must carry this behavior outside of the studio into their school and home.

3. Hyper or Aggressive Kid – Some doctors actually prescribe that A.D.H.D. children take classes in the Martial Arts as a means of treatment.

Our classes give kids with extra energy or aggression a positive way to channel that energy.

4. Getting Bullied or Self-Defense – We'll teach kids to protect themselves in a safe and supportive manner.

They are taught what to do and when to do it.

Contact us and See for Yourself the Positive Benefits the Martial Arts can have on your Child!