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Mid-Cities Martial Arts Studio

1121 Flower Mound Road
Suite 560
Flower Mound TX 75208





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About Our Classes


At Mid-Cities Martial Arts, our classes are designed to bring out your best in children, teens and adults.


We teach children the life skills and traits that they need to excell in school and in today's competitive world:

  • goal setting
  • self-discipline
  • respect for adults
  • confidence

Class Levels

Little Dragons:

Ages 4-6

Two options:

One or Two 30 minute classes per week



White, Yellow and Orange belts

Two 45 minute classes per week


Green, Blue and Purple belts

Two 45 minute classes per week

Class Schedule


Brown, Brown/Black, Red, Red/Black and Black belts

Two 45 minute classes per week


Class Schedule

Black Belt Club:

We also offer a Black Belt Club program option that allows for extra instructional classes per week, a special Black Belt club members only class and discounts on special events and seminars.  

Two 45 minute classes per week


Class Schedule

Black Belt Invitation:

May choose up to 

Four 45 minute classes per week

Two 45 minute classes per week


Class Schedule

Adult Fitness Class:

What do you get when you combine the restorative, calming and increased flexibility benefits of Yoga/Pilates, the heart-healthy aspects of Cardio Intervals, elements of “cardio Karate” and the strengthening, body-sculpting effects of a good isolated muscle toning workout?

The MCMA Saturday Morning Adult Fitness Class!

Each well-rounded session is designed to strengthen your mind and body in an easygoing, music-filled, fun atmosphere.  Taught by an experienced certified trainer and high rank black belt that knows how to keep you motivated and safe while achieving new levels of fitness.  So join us every Saturday Morning at 8:30 am. You’ll be glad you did!

Class Schedule