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Mid-Cities Martial Arts Studio

1121 Flower Mound Road
Suite 560
Flower Mound TX 75208





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Mid-Cities Martial Arts prides itself on the quality of our instructors. Our instructors are certified and have a special knack for working with children, but still can bring out the best in teens and adults.

Master Dave Haddock

Chief Instructor, School Owner

8th Degree Black Belt in American Karate

5th Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo 

My martial arts journey began with my first judo lesson at the age of eleven, not realizing then that it would develop into a lifelong quest for knowledge and excellence in the Martial Arts. I continued my training in judo after I joined the Navy, where I also joined the Boxing and Shotokan Karate teams. 

I subsequently earned additional black belts in American Karate, Chinese Kempo, and American Taekwondo, in addition to cross training in Kyusho Jitsu. I realized that the best training I could get was through teaching others and learning from my students. This is what inspired me to develop a martial arts curriculum for a new breed of black belt excellence, opening Mid-Cities Martial Arts, a Karate Dojo for all ages in 1997. In 1998, I lead the development of a Life Skills program for small children, facilitating a bump-less transition into the juniors programs without going back in rank. This successful program is now being used by many other Martial Arts schools.
As well as teaching classes, I specialize in the training of Instructors, advanced self-defense, and women’s street self-defense. I am a great believer in the importance of continuing education, so I continue to train and test in American Karate under Grand Master Burleson, Chinese Kempo under Master Atkinson, and Kyusho Jitsu under Grand Master Hogan.

Master Danielle Marez

Head Instructor, Program Director

5th Degree Black Belt in American Karate

4th Degree Black Belt in American Taekwondo Association 

Master Danielle Marez is the Head Instructor and Program Director at Mid-Cities Martial Arts in Flower Mound, Texas. Master Marez holds two high rank Black Belts. She currently has a Fifth degree Black Belt in American Karate as well as a Fourth degree Black Belt in the American Taekwondo Association. 

Master Marez began officially training in the Martial Arts in the mid 1990s, although her first experiences in the Martial Arts were from her Father, who was considered a Master in Hand to Hand combat and had trained in Okinawa during his time in the Military. 

Ms  Marez  has a deep respect for traditional style training and worked hard training to achieve the rank of Black Belt. Having always enjoyed competition, Ms Marez began attending tournaments throughout Texas and finished the tournament seasons ranked #1 in Black Belt Forms in 2001 and 2002 and was also the Texas State Champion in Women’s Black Belt Forms within the ATA in 2001 and 2002. Master Marez opened her first Martial Arts school in June 2003 and was the Chief Instructor and school owner until selling that location in January 2011. It was during that time as a school owner that she began training in American Karate under Master Dave Haddock. Master Marez continued to rank in and actively compete in the ATA tournament circuit and in 2007 her other instructor, Master Phrumjuntun, challenged her to become a World Ranked “fighter” within the ATA organization in order to receive his approval to test for the Rank of Fourth Degree Black Belt.  Ms Marez agreed to this condition and sought the expertise of  Master Haddock to achieve this goal. Master Haddock agreed to train her in the endeavor to become world ranked and in 2008 she finished the tournament season ranked as a Top Ten fighter in the World Rankings of the ATA,WTTU, and STF organizations in the Third Degree Black Belt Women’s Division. She achieved the same recognition at the end of the 2009 Tournament season as well and in June of 2009 tested for and earned the Rank of Fourth degree black Belt in American Taekwondo.

Master Marez and Master Haddock began their professional relationship while training together and later became instructors on the staff of a local Karate school and ultimately decided to open a school together in Flower Mound.  Ms Marez has numerous specialty certifications including teaching young children, Individuals with special needs or concerns, general fitness and personal training, as well as several types of weapons.  She continues to train under Master Haddock and looks forward to continuing to learn and advance further within the martial Arts.